Additional Resolution Services


Mediation is one of a number of dispute resolution services and can be provided individually, or in combination. The following is a glossary of available services.

Training or Coaching

Designing workshops in discussion with clients, and working interactively with clients to help them improve their skills in ‘interest-based’ negotiation, and/or mediation.

Process Design

Designing conflict resolution processes in discussion with management and staff to establish new conflict resolution processes in the workplace, or to make existing processes more workable.

External Mediation

Mediation by a person trained in alternative, interest-based, dispute resolution.

‘Pure mediation’

Providing services as an ‘external mediator’ who offers no opinion regarding possible legal outcomes should litigation proceed.

‘Evaluative mediation’

Mediation provided by an ‘external mediator’ where the parties seek an opinion regarding possible legal outcomes.


A decision making process in which the arbitrator selected to arbitrate makes either a binding or non-binding award after reviewing facts and/or hearing evidence.


A hybrid process which combines both mediation and arbitration using an external mediator to mediate and if necessary to arbitrate, should mediation not succeed.

Because conflict ranges from low to high intensity, these services can be offered in the following continuum.

  • Training/coaching clients to negotiate
  • Workplace Process Design
  • Internal Mediation Training
  • External Mediation
  • /Arb or Arbitration


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