Additional Resolution Services




If you’re comfortable negotiating a deal and feel that you want to go it alone, that’s fine. But if you want someone in the background to show you how, I can coach you. Let me script your negotiation. And once you’re comfortable with the script, then you can take over.

Coaching is simple. It’s involves teaching you how to present your needs in a practical way while listening to the other side’s concerns. Meeting all sides’ legitimate needs is the key to reaching an agreement.

The trick in any negotiation lies in creative problem solving. The most important single question is ‘how’ we solve the problem? Solving the problem is a completely practical exercise. But, it requires imagination. It is imagination which provides everyone with a step by step road map to reach agreement.

Whenever I coach, I do an interview. The information I obtain from you  helps me prepare a script for you that you can use when you negotiate. Before the coaching session ends, I prepare a list of the negotiating points that you can bring to the negotiation.


Process Design

If you operate a mid-size business that has has a reporting structure ranging from line staff, to managers and supervisors, to officers, you are likely to encounter conflict between staff members or between management and staff.

Conflict is natural. We all have different ways of approaching tasks. In addition, our training and individual cultures can impact our communications. That is particularly true of multi-cultural work forces. It’s critical therefore to have a conflict resolution process in place to handle such conflicts before they escalate and interfere with work assignments.

Merely depending on untrained higher level staff to deal with such conflicts can escalate conflict. Should you face workplace conflict, I can work with you to design a conflict resolution process that establishes a mechanism for handling these conflicts. One part of the process is procedural. Your staff always need to know who to go to when they are in conflict. They need to communicate in confidence and feel protected. The other part of the process is educational. Your staff need guidance with respect to acceptable workplace behaviour.

Let me know if I can help you.