Resolution Services: Negotiation


I can help you successfully negotiate a business, or property transaction. I have been doing that for over 40 years as a commercial and property lawyer, and as a trained negotiator. One of the tricks lies in preparing before you meet the other party. Just as a trial lawyer would never show up for a trial without preparing, negotiating effectively demands preparation.

Knowing your own business’ strengths and weaknesses and researching those of your counterpart always improves your bargaining hand. Every business, whether large or small, has strengths and weaknesses. If you look objectively at your own weaknesses, with  creativity you can turn them into strengths. The two most important keys to successful negotiation are responsive listening, and imagination.

It’s better to speak less and listen more. By doing that you’re in a better position to see how you can meet the other party’s needs at a reasonable cost. Once you do that you’ll discover the needs you share in common. It is those needs, that are the basis of lasting agreements. Using your imagination will give you a roadmap to plot the details of your deal and take you from where you are now to where you want to go. Getting to agreement is the goal. Making sure that your agreement protects both sides from possible defaults is just as important.

So don’t struggle with your negotiations. Let me use my training and experience to help you make fair, workable, lasting agreements.