Practice Information


Helping you to resolve your disputes quickly and efficiently matters to me. And doing that should never cost a fortune. The keys to early, cost effective resolution are preparation, responsive listening, and imagination.

Zwicker Dispute Resolutions has mediated and arbitrated in disputes involving the following subject matter.

Shareholder disputes
Buy-Sell disputes
Management contract disputes
Minority shareholders rights disputes
Disputes involving Buyers and Sellers in Bulk Sales transactions
Share sale and purchase transactions
Disputes involving non-competition and non-solicitation covenants
Disputes involving real estate purchase and sale transactions
Disputes involving secured property transactions (PPSA)
Collection disputes
Wrongful dismissal disputes
Estate Disputes
Workplace conflicts not covered by collective agreements



  • For consulting or coaching: $ 350.00 per hour plus HST
  • For a half-day mediation: $ 1,744.00 plus HST
    (including scheduling, and preparation – 4 hours)
  • For a full day mediation: $3,400.00
    (plus HST including scheduling, and preparation – 8 hours)
  • For a one day arbitration: $3,400.00 plus HST
    (Hearing, including preliminary first meeting)
  • For any additional pre-hearing:  $350.00 per hour plus HST
    (consultations or motions)
  • Any expenses related to booking hearing room facilities, food and refreshments

I accept the Ontario Mediation Roster Rates published under Rule 24.1 of the Ontario Rules of Civil Procedure



Fees for mediations or arbitrations are payable in advance before the hearing begins. Any unused hours will be refunded.



Any cancelation at least seven days before hearing will be billed at $150.00 plus HST and any out of pocket expenses.

Any cancelation less than 7 days before a hearing will be billed at one half ot the  stated fee plus any out of pocket expenses.

Any cancelation less than 48 hours before a hearing will be billed at the full stated rate plus any out of pocket expenses.



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