Business Problem Solving Quiz

Business Problem Solving Quiz

Please answer the 15 questions below. Once completed, submit you answers to calculate your score.

Before scheduling a face to face negotiation, should you ask the other party to exchange relevant business data?

Should you search out available information and try to list the strengths and weaknesses of both businesses?

Should you start negotiating by stating your absolute bottom line?

Is a good practice to scout out other similar bargaining opportunities?

Should you listen responsively and speak less?

Is it good strategy to hit hard and use bravado to impress the other party?

Does it matter if you calculate your ‘zone for possible agreement’?

Is asking for a default provision to protect both parties from a future breach of contract an insult?

Is a successful negotiation one where the winner takes all?

Is agreeing to delay a negotiation to nail down important Information a sign of weakness?

Does making a small concession that costs you little show weakness?

Should you respond if the other party uses threats to get his way?

Should you respond to the other party’s concerns or just restate what you want?

Is it a good idea to provide reasonable information when it’s requested?

Should you make an agreement before considering any other alternatives?