If you are about to enter into a negotiation, your ability to gather critical data about the other party and realistically assemble your own data can move you closer to success.

  1. The image posted above is known as a ‘Johari Window’. It tells you, all others factors being equal, which party is more likely to strike a better deal
  2. The image appearing at the upper left is titled ‘facade’. In this scenario, you alone are factually prepared meaning that you are in a position to out manoeuver the other party. If so, you’re more likely to make the better deal.
  3. The image appearing at the lower left is titled ‘unknown’  meaning that no one has the facts. It would be unusual but not impossible for both sides to come to negotiate completely unprepared. If so the odds favour  both sides making an equally poor deal.
  4. The image appearing at the upper right is titled ‘arena’, meaning both sides have all the facts. If so, the odd favour both of you making a good, balanced deal.
  5. The image appearing at the lower right is titled ‘blind spot. If the facts are known only by the other party, expect to do poorly. This can be a disaster scenario especially if all other factors such as everyone’s resources are unequal, in which case expect to have a bad day! So remember that good outcomes depend on preparation and preparation requires digging for important facts.


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