If you are curious about other elements that build trust, this should help you.

  1. Part I of my tip on Building Trust looks at gaining trust by transacting. This tip deals with building trust through communication.
  2. When negotiating you need to speak to each other about your interests. Because negotiations are at the very least two sided, one way that each side gains trust is by listening attentively to the other. Attentive listening and respectful response demonstrate interest in the other party and this builds trust. On the other hand, bluster and bravado signal a one way conversation and destroy trust.
  3. As each side presents facts and interests, the other should respond by asking how he might accommodate those interests, if they seem reasonable. By listening actively and moving to accommodate one another, each side begins to realize that the other is serious  and is looking for a deal. This process of reciprocity is circular and builds trust. As well, always ensure that your communications are consistent. Inconsistency creates confusion and leads to mistrust.
  4. An additional layer of trust is added by being honest and forthright. Evasion breeds mistrust especially when questions are reasonable and ought to be expected.
  5. So remember trust is built not only by the things you do but also by communicating that you are interested and co-operative.

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